Friday, February 22, 2013

CEU Challenge: Week 5 - HFA, AS, & NVLD: Differential Diagnosis by the SLP

My four week and counting streak of completing these CEU courses on time was nearly derailed by the winter storm that kept my children and most of the city home yesterday, but I managed to squeeze in some CEU time while my husband entertained the children with after dinner driveway clearing. I took the HFA, AS, & NVLD: Differential Diagnosis by the SLP course at LinguiSystems and received 0.3 CEUs or 3 hours of Continuing Education Credit. (HFA - High Functioning Autism, AS - Asperger's Syndrome, NVLD - Nonverbal Learning Disorder)

I completely forgot that this is the one course in the 7-week free CEU curriculum that is 0.3 CEUs instead of 0.2 CEU's. I was also rushing things a bit due to having to squeeze this into the evening rather than "leisurely" engaging with the material while my children were at preschool. Therefore I struggled a little more with this course than with the others. However, this course is interesting. Even if you have no need to actually diagnose autistic spectrum disorders, you will find the material interesting and useful if you have some children on the spectrum on your caseload. The author of the course discusses similarities and differences between the three disorders, gives examples, and discusses treatment.

I found the HFA, AS, & NVLD: Differential Diagnosis by the SLP interesting and full of detail. I will certainly bookmark it as a useful reference to return to if I need to review the specifics in the future. The 20 question multiple-choice quiz was more frustrating than some others, but to be fair the course is intended to be longer/more complex. I had to dig deeper into the material and sift through rather fine details to figure out which of similar seeming multiple-choice answers was the correct choice. I received a lower, although still passing score, on this course than on any of the others. I earned 0.3 additional continuing education credits towards the 1.5 I need to earn this calendar year. At this point, two more courses will allow us to reach our goal of 1.5 CEUs.

Did anyone else take this course? What did you think?

Don't forget to complete Week 6: Reading Comprehension in Secondary Students: Assessment - 0.2 CEUs for next Friday!

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