Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Checklist Version of Missouri State Teaching Standards for Kindergarten

Here's a summary of the background that led up to this post in equation format.

Decision to Homeschool + Type A Personality Driven Homeschool Planner = Desire to Understand and Organize the Missouri State Teaching Standards.

As a brief aside, for those of you familiar enough with current events in teaching standards to wonder, Missouri has indeed adopted the Common Core Standards in Language Arts and Math. I did consider using the Common Core standards instead of the Missouri specific state standards in those areas. However, after reviewing both the common core standards and the Missouri State standards in those two areas I decided that the Missouri standards were fairly well aligned with the common core standards and gave more specific guidance and more detail. They worked better for me and so I decided to make my checklist from the Missouri State Standards across the board.

When I dug into the standards I realized that the format provided online (multi-grade level chart spanning 10 or more pages per content area) was not super user-friendly. I needed a simple checklist of the standards pertaining to the grade I would be teaching - kindergarten. So I read through the standards, organized and synthesized the content, and created checklists for each content area: communication arts, math, social studies, science, health education, music, visual arts, dramatic arts, and physical education. I added the checklists to my homeschool planner for easy reference during planning and intend to check off each standard as it is mastered.

Just in case anyone else needs a copy of Missouri's kindergarten standards here they are. Honestly, aside from small details here and there, I would think they would work as a guideline for homeschooling in just about any geographical area.

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