Sunday, September 16, 2012

/s/ eResource update (and another feature sneak peek)

I've gotten a few of the proofread copies of my soon-to-be-released /s/ Card Sets and Resources ebook back (description, sneak preview pictures). As soon as I get the rest back I'll get the edits done and put it up on the site.

If anyone happens to have some skill at making pretty graphical things on the computer (like a sidebar ad) or at webpage design within the blogger platform (making a storefront page) and would like to volunteer their time and services I'd be eternally grateful. Otherwise, I'll muddle through and come up with something functional on my own. :-)

In the mean time, here's a sneak peek of the additional features I've added to the backs of cards in the card sets. I found that I wanted the card sets to be easily sortable by a variety of features. I also wanted a way to easily sort card sets apart if I needed to mix them together in a therapy session. So all the initial and final cards in the sets have the following features.

The symbol in the upper-left will allow you to sort by phoneme and position. The symbol in the upper-right will allow sorting by vowel. The target word, carrier phrase, and difficulty level are still included. In the lower-right there are symbols for four common phonological processes. When the corresponding symbol is colored in, that card can be used for one or more of the following phonological processes: velar fronting, final consonant deletion, stopping, and liquid gliding.

I also found that over time I ended up with 20 card sets wrapped in rubber bands and stuffed in a bag. When I went to find a specific one, I had to dig around and look at the card on top and try to decide if that deck was targeting the intial phoneme or the final phoneme...? So I've added a card deck cover to each set.

These features will allow the sets to be more user-friendly and add functionality compared to the free card sets. The vowel sorting would allow therapists working with children who need vowel work to easily sort out simple CV, VC, or CVC stimuli that target specific vowel sounds. The phonological processes symbols allow therapists to easily sort out cards that target a specific phonological process.

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