Friday, March 2, 2012

The Weekly Review: Week 50

Blog Post of the Week

I have to post two this week. Linda at All and Sundry put together a pictorial tribute to Leap Day that was amazing. I loved it. It was completely composed of pictures of her family. They are clearly better with a camera than I am.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Julia's most recent post. Julia writes long rambling posts that I enjoy in their entirety. The part of this post that made me laugh out loud and then save so that I could read it to my husband is about 2/3 of the way down. It is an exchange between herself, her older son, and her young daughter in the car discussing the family pets. Caroline would like a dog. Patrick loves the current feline family pets. You have to read the exchange to appreciate exactly how funny it was is a slightly twisted yet thoroughly enjoyable way.

Weekly Gentle Reminder

I am excited that many of you are choosing to subscribe to my blog posts in a feed reader or by email. I take it as a compliment that you are interested. I just wanted to remind you that you will not begin receiving the email updates until you confirm your interest by clicking on the link in the email that is automatically generated and sent to you.

Online SLP Resource of the Week

Learning Fundamentals has some online speech stimuli. You choose a consonant, consonant cluster, or vowel and they give you a series of pictures with a variety of audio prompts (word, word with target exaggerated, word with target separated from rest of word, phrase, and sentence). The autoplay of all of the audio prompts in sequence is a little annoying, but you can cut that off by simply clicking on the one you want to interrupt the auto play. The word selection can only be fine-tuned so much and includes many higher level words, but it is online and free so I'm not complaining.

Weekly Now What?

Many moons ago, when Ava was first diagnosed I tried NutriiVeda (read about it here or here). At least at that time, you had to sign up to receive it through an autoship program. We stopped using it months ago. I kept meaning to call and cancel the autoship - really I did. I finally called yesterday. Now what on earth am I supposed to do with this (and the one more on the way)?

Ava this Week

Third birthday. Wonderful girl. Family. Celebration. Happiness.

Weekly Michael

My years of parenting experience come to a grand total of 4.25. In that time I have found that my enjoyment of parenting with each individual child waxes and wanes a bit. I think that is natural. As part of growing and becoming more independent children go through... "difficult stages".

Michael is coming out of a difficult stage and I am thoroughly enjoying him right now. He's polite, thoughtful and demonstrating a wonderful mastery of appropriate 4 year old manners. He's usually sweet with his sister. He's also cuddly lately. He wants affection and positive attention and is asking for it appropriately so it is so easy to give it to him. I am getting hugs and snuggles. I'm getting sweet comments and smiles. And his eyes are gorgeous. He's earnest and oh so eager to share the many thoughts in his head. His imagination is exploding exponentially and his play is a wonder to watch.

I suppose that's just my overly wordy way of trying to say that I'm enjoying being his mom so much right now. (Not that I don't always, but you know...)

Weekly Bittersweet

We said goodbye to our early intervention therapists this week. The children didn't really realize that they were saying goodbye in a way that is different from the usual "see you next week." I did though. Those last hugs brought tears to my eyes. Such good people. Such important and valued jobs. May they continue to make a difference in the young lives of so many more children and families.

Ava's (and Michael's) Weekly Home Therapy Notes

I'm working through the dynamics of changing from individual therapy with Ava to group therapy with both Ava and Michael. I regret losing the intensity I could achieve working with Ava alone, but Michael needs some speech time too and Ava's needs are less critical than they used to be. I'm toying with different ideas though. Every other night individual? 30 nightly minutes together? 15 minutes each? Hmm... I'll get it worked out eventually.

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