Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NutriiVeda - Four Month (and final) Update

I haven't done a NutriiVeda update in quite some time. Before I give my final thoughts on the supplement, here's some basic information about how we used it. We never used a full two scoops a day, as recommended. The most we ever managed was about 1 1/2 scoops a day. For the first two months or so I was pretty consistent about getting that amount into Ava on a daily basis. After that we used the product fairly sporadically.

When we first started using the product I thought I saw an improvement in Ava's speech. I thought she was talking more often in longer utterances. Looking back, I'd say that the improvement was likely due to a developmental spurt or due to the speech therapy services she was receiving.

When we went on a family visit for about a week and Ava did not take the supplement I noticed no change in her speech and language. When we came home and began taking the supplement again I still noticed no change. After that, our use of NutriiVeda became more sporadic and I didn't put the same effort into getting it into her daily.

Now, Ava also has some suspected sensory issues. We haven't had our OT eval yet. One of the ways this effects her is to make her an extremely picky eater. I like the nutritional profile of the NutriiVeda as a meal replacement. It is high in protein and low in sugar. Several times a week I mix it into some yogurt and I feel good about giving it to her for purely nutritional reasons.

We are still buying the product. The company will let you call and delay the autoship for a month. We do that every other month. So, we're buying the product every other month instead of every month and we're doing that for nutritional reasons rather than because we feel it has had a significant impact on Ava's speech.

After having tried it, with high hopes, this is my final opinion:

If you can afford it, and want to try it, go ahead and try it. Many parents have reported that it works for their child and you can't know if it will help you unless you try it. However, unless the results are dramatic and you are positive that the product helped improve your child's speech, your money would be better spent on additional speech therapy or perhaps some speech therapy products to help you with home practice.


  1. We're going to give it a whirl. Appreciate your updates and reviews.

  2. Good luck with the NutriiVeda Kimber J! Stop by and let us know how it worked for you.

  3. Hi there, we used NV a little over a year back for a period of about three months and saw nothing. We then started taking the biomedical route and saw huge improvements.

  4. Biomedical route? Huge improvements? Please tell us a little more. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

  5. Were you using Nutriiveda original or Achieve, I've read that achieve doesn't give the same results as the original formula.

  6. We used exactly one container of the original NutriiVeda formula before they switched to Achieve. We have continued using the product several times a week simply for added nutrition because of her picky eating, but not because we felt that it was helping her speech.

    It is certainly possible that we didn't see a huge speech boost because of the switch to Achieve. Or, possibly even the original formula wouldn't have helped her. I had not heard the doubts about Achieve.

  7. I have much of the basic Q and A about NV original here NV is highly dosage dependent, first surges are the greatest and most times are in a day to three days. I recommend stopping NV for a weekend within the first month or two so you can note the regression off and second surge back on - especially with preschool children (or yes there will be doubt any surges are from the NV vs developmental.) For older children/teens and adults this isn't necessary.

    You want to do this the first month or two because unlike with fish oils, as the months go on with NV there will be less and less of a regression if taken off. Within 6 months to a year there will most likely be no regression off NV, but after about 5 months lack of progression in new areas (typically shows in academics and behavioral as you will note here

    There is no doubt based on personal and professional anecdotal -probably due in part to the amino acid profile -it has to be the original if using for therapeutic.

    For the one person that mentioned biomedical -in theory fish oils and NV original which are both nutritional methods for helping the body are "biomedical" (with NV all ingredients are food

    NV original has been used for over 2 1/2 years now and there are both traditional medical as well as biomedical/DAN professionals that recommend NV today due to results. May want to read this update on 9 year old Lib who's mom Kathryn had a biomedical blog for years- but her son remained nonverbal with increased issues due to some exploratory supplements and medications. He has now been on just fish oils and NV for the past few months and starting to talk for the first time in his life -and his mom as well as all his professionals are of course shocked. Sometimes Mother Nature does know best :)

    1. Thank you for posting this additional information here.

  8. I'm excited to have found this post, even if it's older, as I am about to embark on the NV challenge. I hope you'll check out my blog & follow along too... I'll for sure post my unbiased opinion!

  9. Thanks for your posts on Nutriiveda, very interesting to read.
    It's too bad that this product is so expensive. For us, the cost of the product is what stops us from even trying it coupled with the fact that all results are anecdotal. If it were not for the cost, we would try it. We are giving our almost 10-year old omega supplements. Just started that.

  10. Am going to try Nordic Naturals PROefa (fish oils)on my 6 y.o. granddaughter.There have been good test results with this -- I believe I read that folate should be taken along w/this, but when I went back to check that, I couldn't find it


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