Saturday, December 3, 2011


When we were rearranging Ava's room we moved a bunch of treasured belongings crap into the upstairs landing area. It's still there. We'll get to it eventually.

A few nights ago as I was getting ready to head up to bed I heard the distinctive sound of a kitty batting something around in play. I went around the corner to investigate. The sound was coming from above. I looked up and to my horror our kitten Grace was dashing around the upstairs landing on the -outside- of the rail.

I must have gasped and startled her because she startled, slipped, and fell off the landing heading for the hardwood floor a full story below.

Did you guys read that news story about a woman walking by on a street who caught a baby who had fallen off a balcony? I am so not that woman. My reaction time is s l o w. Grace crashed into the floor before I had even fully processed what was going on.

I was terrified, briefly. But she scrambled up and ran off as if she hadn't just fallen straight down from one floor to another onto a hard wooden floor. It took much longer for me to calm down and for my heart rate to return to normal than the entire event took to begin with.

And the moral of this story...?

I have no idea. :-). Don't count on me to catch you if you fall? Kittens really can fall at least one story without harm? Be thankful when disaster passes you by?

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