Friday, December 2, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week 37

This week's atypical weekly review is brought to you courtesy of the two hours I went overboard prepping for a preschool school project last night instead of working on preparing a typical weekly review.

So, this is how it went...

Help your child make five holiday cards to be sent to a nursing home.

Initial thoughts:
Hmm. I can use the cricut to make some trees. Michael can glue them to some construction paper and then glue on some ornaments and color it and we'll be done.

And then:
  1. Well, if I'm getting the cricut out anyway, I might as well cut the cards out of cardstock and matching envelopes. (This step didn't go smoothly, and took much longer than intended.)
  2. Oooh, I have some pretty glittery cardstock. I'll cut the ornaments out of cardstock too.
  3. And look! I can print a pretty phrase too! (Joy)

Seriously, by the time all that was done, my poor husband had put the children to bed by himself.

And now I have a big pile of card components to assemble with the children today and they'll still just color all over them.

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