Friday, October 7, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week 29

Weekly Super Cool Link

About a month ago I solicited ideas about what to do with a sensory table (thanks for the great suggestions guys). This week I found a great web page full of ideas for using a sensory table. There are at least 25 creative ideas here including ice rainbows, exploring spices, and using turkey basters.

Weekly Obsession

Now that I've started, I'm completely obsessed with making a creative busy/quiet book or two. I've completed page 1 and page 2 and have several more in the works. I'm leaving small details like how I'm going to bind the book to figure out later. I wouldn't want to slow down the creativity and enthusiasm with important finishing details. (Please let me not regret this decision later!)

Weekly Landmark Event

First overnight stay in the hospital with one of our children (not counting their births).

Michael's Weekly Adventure

Remember when too much silence resulted in discovering that Michael had half-disassembled the wooden dollhouse in the basement playroom? Well, this week while staying at his grandparents' house too much silence resulted in discovering that Michael had fetched scissors from his grandmother's drawer and used them to cut several holes in his peapod (a small tent he likes to sleep in at their house). We've turned the situation into a learning experience. He's gone on a shopping trip to buy a tent repair kit and they are going to patch the holes together.

The Weekly Ava

Did I mention the croup and the difficulty breathing and the ER and the breathing treatments and the overnight stay at the hospital? Hmm. I did? Enough said I suppose.

The Weekly Kitty Escapade

Remember the miracle where the cat that had been missing for months was returned to us? As we were just coming home from Ava's hospital stay and a brief trip to the grocery store for necessities, I left the door open. Ava was calling for help and my hands were full of groceries and I just missed it. 15 minutes later my husband noticed the open door and we just knew. Cleo was gone again. Just like that. I felt terrible. My husband walked up and down the street calling, but nothing.

We left some food in the driveway and then came back in to settle Ava down for her nap. We were depressed and a tiny bit angry. Why does she want to get out so badly? And why does she run so far away that she can't hear us so fast?

We got lucky. This time, when my husband went back out about 30 minutes later he found her. I am so grateful. But what are we going to do? Cleo is obviously an escape risk. The very first time a door was left open she disappeared again. We have two small children. It is just so hard to watch the door all the time, every time. We'll make sure she has a collar and a current microchip. We'll do our best with the door. Any other ideas?

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