Sunday, October 2, 2011

Home again.

We spent the night at the hospital with Ava. It was the first night we had spent there since the hospital stay when Ava was born. I would have been all right without having to do that again, but it was necessary. The nurses in the pediatrics ward were just as great as the nurses I'd had in the maternity ward.

I was worried we'd have another night as bad as the first and need another breathing treatment, but the oral steroids finally kicked in and the stridor improved through the night. We all got a decent night sleep all things considered. The nurse had to wake us every four hours so we could help her check Ava's vitals, but aside from those 10 minute awakenings we all slept through. Any mother of a newborn would think that's a great night's sleep.

And so we're home again. Things aren't quite back to normal, but we're heading there.

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