Thursday, October 13, 2011

Speech Sample - Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech - 26 months

This is an audio clip from a video we took on 5-14-2011. Ava was 26 months old. At this point Ava was about four months into receiving speech services. Ava was asking me to get something down from a shelf.

In the last audio sample, three weeks prior to this one, Ava produced 10 utterances in a little under half a minute. Those utterances included seven different words and ranged from 1 word (two syllable) utterances to 4 word (five syllable utterances). In this sample, Ava produces 13 utterances in a little under half a minute. These utterances include 12 different words and range from on word (one syllable) utterances to 5 word (5 syllable utterances). The average number of words per utterance in the last sample was 2.2. In this sample it increased to 2.42. More importantly, there was significantly more diversity to the utterances in this sample.

Here is the new sample:

In this audio sample Ava's utterances were:
What that?
What that?
This there.
Uh huh.
No I think get down.
No get down.
I think down.
Not think up.
No think down.
I say down.

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