Monday, October 10, 2011

Speech Sample - Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech - 25 months (2)

This sample was recorded three weeks after the last one I posted (4-26-11). She's picked up two additional consonant approximations. She's approximating /g/ and /s/ in this sample. What is interesting is that both of those sounds disappeared later. We are working on /s/ now, but I have to remind her to make it. She isn't really making the /g/ sound at all any more.

More important than individual sounds is that she's moved to using multi-word utterances. In this sample she produces 10 utterances. 2 of those are one word (both two-syllable). 5 of those are three words (4 syllables per utterance). One utterance was four words long (5 syllables)! This is a huge increase in average sentence length in three weeks.

get down mama
get down mama
get down
get down
get down
uh huh
no mama get down
mama scissors
dada scissors

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