Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Flip Books On Sale

For those of you who thought the Phrase Flips book looked interesting, there are three more Flip books on sale at Super Duper this week. (No, I am not affiliated with Super Duper, I just like some of their products and I monitor their weekly 50% off sales.)

This announcement is just for your information. I haven't actually seen these books yet although I did order them. I'll do reviews of them when they come in.

The three on sale (50% off through Sunday, October 16, 2011) are:

  • Say and Do Sound Production: This one focuses on production of vowels and consonants at the sound, syllable, and word level and comes bundled with an activity book with worksheets and therapy activities and a CD-ROM of reproducibles.
  • Turn and Talk Early Sounds: This one focuses on initial, medial, and final /p, b, m, t, d,n/. Contains 600 illustrated words.
  • Word Flips: This one contains three sets of identical picture cards for single syllable words. Sounds are sorted into sections by placement (bilabial, alveolar, velar, and palatal).

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