Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wishes are not always granted.

We did go to our doctor's office. The receptionists listened to Ava strain to breathe in horror for a short period of time before sending us straight to the emergency room where her oxygen level was 91. I thought that sounded pretty good. Just like getting an A- on a test. Apparently not.

We pinned her down while she strained to breathe in enough air for the next scream during her breathing treatment. Then we pinned her down while they gave her a dose of oral steroids. She promptly choked half of that back up. Then they told us they just needed to observe her for two hours before sending us home.

An hour later the stridor was back. That earned us another delightful breathing treatment and an admission to the children's ward. And that's the current update.


  1. I sure hope that Ava is OK. It's so scary when your child can't breathe.

  2. Ok. I should be ashamed to document how long this response took me, but I did read your comment when you posted it. Hearing an encouraging thought from someone was comforting. Thanks for taking the time. Ava is doing well now, thank you.


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