Monday, October 3, 2011

Ava's Hello Bag

On our way home after being discharged from the hospital we stopped at the grocery store. Before the unexpected hospital adventure we had been postponing a trip to the store for several days and we had very little left in the house to eat. So we had to stop by the store just so we could feed everyone lunch when we got home.

I was carrying Ava around the store keeping her happy while my husband did the actual shopping and Ava spied something in a clearance bin that made her perk up. It was a Hello Kitty lunch bag. I pulled it out of the bin and told her she could carry it as long as she walked. It worked. She walked around looking at all sorts of things. But she never let that bag go. She was in love. We decided to bring it home.

Now I expected her to use the bag for all kinds of things. As it turns out, only two things ever go in the bag.

Compartment 1: Mama Kitty

Compartment 2: Baby Kitty

Ava carries her kitties in her kitty bag. It's adorable. They are in there and nearby all the time. They go up for nap. She takes the kitties out to sleep with them and then carefully returns them to their compartments and brings them downstairs with her when she wakes up. The bag and kitties travel from room to room with her and then go up for the night where they get to leave the bag to cuddle with her at night. Then back into the bag they go in the morning to come back down. So funny.

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