Friday, July 1, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week Sixteen

Best Blog Posts of the Week

  • All and Sundry. Again. You should just start reading her blog yourself. First there are pictures of squirrels. I think squirrels are really cute. And then there are bonus pictures of a duck. On a roof. I kid you not. But it is her writing in between all the pictures that makes the post hilarious and ties it all together.
  • Swistle writes a post that is short, but oh so true. Well, all true except at my house some of the messes are mine.

Weekly Wish Me Luck

Tomorrow morning we are going to depart on a road trip to Arkansas to visit my soon to be 80 year old grandmother for her birthday and the rest of the AR relatives for the 4th of July. Any suggestions for how to entertain a two and three year old for 7-9 hours trapped in a moving vehicle? And then keep them happy for three nights and two days in someone else's house. Followed by more happy during the return 7-9 hour trip home. Right now we're planning on making it up as we go along. That never ends well. So, wish me luck.

The Weekly Michael

We have a semi-regular playdate with my friend and her four year old daughter. Until recently, Michael has mostly done his own thing. They simply were not interested in the same things. This week they disappeared upstairs to his bedroom. Half an hour later, I noticed they were still missing and wondered what could possibly be keeping them occupied. I turned on the video monitor and all three children were in his bed filled with toys just happily playing and talking. 15 minutes after that they all came tromping downstairs asking for snacks for their "sleepover". By the time I finally halted the completely magical independent play it was an hour past their usual naptime. Altogether they had played by themselves in his room for an hour and a half. Turns out the "sleepover" involved snacks, blankets, pillows, flashlights, toys, and three children all stuffed in the bottom of his closet.

Ava's Cuteness of the Week:

My husband shared this one with me. He was singing that little children's song, "One, two, three, four, five. I thought I caught a fish alive." to Ava. Instead of saying "fish" though he replaced it with "Ava". After he sang the line about throwing her back again Ava interrupted him and said, "No, no Daddy. Ava hair get all wet."

Projects of the Week:

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