Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another reality check.

Another piece of information I picked up this weekend from Ms. J. was the results of the test of phonological processing she did with Ava. Ms. A and I had already given Ava a basic articulation test several weeks ago and she did pretty poorly. I also wanted to give Ava a phonological processing test because that gives you a completely different set of information. Ms. J offered to administer the test and she had the test scored by the weekend.

I don't have all the specifics, because she had forgotten to make a copy for me, but I did get the bottom line. The test scores fall into one of five levels. The best is in the normal range, and the worst is a profound phonological processing disorder. Ava scored one tier higher than profound. Her score fell into the very severe phonological processing disorder range.

Sigh. Again, this isn't a huge surprise. Six months ago she had so little speech we couldn't even have administered the test. But it definitely puts things into perspective to realize that compared to other girls her age, the phonological processing patterns in her speech put her in the very severe range.

I'm looking forward to seeing the detailed results because that is where I'll get more clues about what exactly is going on.

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