Toddler and Preschool Online Activities

Here is a list of webpages my children enjoy during their computer time. These are sites that my two and three year old children can navigate mostly independently. The activities include stories, songs, and simple games.

The Leading to Reading website has a great selection of animated catchy songs my children love watching and listening to.  It is easy for my two and three year old to choose which one they want to watch and easy to learn where to click to replay and where to click to get back to the page to choose other songs.

My children also enjoy the stories from the Leading to Reading website.  Again, the stories are easy to choose and start automatically.  When the story is over it is simple to teach them how to replay it or how to get back to the page where they can choose a new story.

My children love this page of animated songs with the animated characters Boowa and Kwala. They can either choose the icon of the specific song they want to see or they can choose the non-stop songs button at the top of the page to watch an seemingly endless stream of them until I make them turn it off.

This is a page of adorable games appropriate for preschoolers from Peep and the Big Wide World. It is super easy to choose a game and then to go back to the page of choices when they're ready for a new one. The games are mostly educational in nature and include music, science, and math concepts. The characters are cute and the children find them to be funny.

OwlieBoo is an adorable site with very simple, yet engaging, games designed to motivate young children to become more skilled with the keyboard and mouse. We particularly like the bugs, nocturnal, and deep games in the moving the mouse section and the music, released, and colors games in the clicking and dragging section.

Fisher Price Animal Sounds Game

Fisher Price Coloring Game

Fisher Price Matching Game

Fisher Price Opposites Game

Fisher Price What's Different? Game

Fisher Price Who's at the Door? Game


  1. My Granddaughter loves for puzzles and for educational games.

  2. Games offer a safety environment to test and learn through mistakes so the information becomes meaningful when students understand its use.

  3. Monopoly, Risk IN ADDITION TO Clue have roots buried deep in the sands associated with ancient Mesopotamia. British archeologist Charles Leonard Woolley unearthed your current earliest known board game on the late 1920's. ones Royal Game associated with Ur may be the earliest known board game to be able to date. Games


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