Thursday, July 21, 2011

Minor (I hope) Health Crisis - Update

We arrived for our appointment 10 minutes early. We were seen relatively quickly, probably no more than 10-15 minutes past our appointment time. Michael's temperature was normal and his oxygen levels were fine. Of course, his temp was down because I gave him acetaminophen this morning and it hadn't worn off yet.

Our pediatrician came in and agreed that Michael sounded croupy but was obviously bothered by the fact that he got a fever first and the croup second. Apparently that's not the usual order of operations. So she did order that chest x-ray. She also added in an upper airway x-ray too. She didn't tell me this at the time, but she was worried he had some kind of abscess in his upper airway.

Now, our pediatrician's office is in a building attached to a hospital so we just went down an elevator and traveled a long corridor to radiology. We sat in a waiting room and waited our turn to give them our order papers and then sat back down to wait for the x-rays. The children were so good. First we used the coloring books and markers. Then we used the paper and stickers. Then we used the popsicle sticks and fuzzy yarn to make (Hmm, can't think of what they're called...little diamond shaped things...very on an internet search to find name...really? That's what they're called?) God's Eyes. Then I pulled out a book and we did nursery rhymes and songs. Now the natives were really restless so my husband pulled out the iPad and let them watch a little television.

I wasn't really paying attention to the time because I was so focused on keeping the children entertained, but my husband tells me an hour and a half passed by. Then someone came in and said, "There you are, you're supposed to be in the other waiting room. We've been looking for you guys." Seriously!!!!! Turns out the other waiting room was a 5 second walk down the hall. They couldn't have checked the front waiting room a little sooner?

So, we go down to the other waiting room and wait some more. Finally it is Michael's turn. He was a trooper. By now it was past his usual nap time. He's sick and hungry and his fever had returned so his patience and bravery were a little low. He got through the first two (front and side of chest) like a champion following all the directions and in a fairly good mood, but by the time they did the second two (back? and side of the neck) his patience was a little low for the constant directions to lift his chin just a little more. We got through though. Then we had to wait to make sure they all came out well. Ten minutes later we needed to go back for another chest x-ray.

Finally we headed back up to the pediatrician's office where we waited 15-20 more minutes to see our pediatrician again. They told us that they had to call down to radiology to ask about us and that was the only reason they came looking for us. Wow.

So, after all of this..... The x-rays showed he has croup. Which we already knew. It only took 4 hours at the hospital with two children under the age of four to confirm. Sigh.

The children were so exhausted. By the time we got home it was two hours past their usual nap time. They did well though. I'm proud of them. And I'm thankful that my husband left work and came to help with Ava while I focused on Michael. And I suppose I am also grateful that it is nothing worse.

End of story.

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