Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Minor (I hope) Health Crisis

The fact that I've used the word crisis twice in post titles tells you what kind of week I'm having.

So, Sunday night it became apparent that Michael had a fever. I figured it was your typical summer cold and it behaved that way. Monday morning he had a cough and still the fever, but no runny nose or anything. His behavior was pretty normal.

Michael often gets the croup when he has a cold, and as I was getting him ready for bed Monday night I made him laugh and I could hear the stridor when he inhaled. We know the drill. We got out two humidifiers and closed all the downstairs A/C vents to redirect as much cool air upstairs (and therefore into his bedroom) as possible. We could hear the barking cough all night long, but no crisis. Tuesday morning the fever broke and he seemed on the mend. We put him to bed last night with the humidifiers just because they were already out, and why not be careful?

So, this morning the fever is back. He had full on stridor for an hour after he woke up and that has never happened before. His nose is running constantly. He's lethargic and extremely overly-sensitive. Any time he gets upset the stridor comes back.

I called his pediatrician to ask how concerned I should be about this. She is fitting him in on her lunch hour and is pretty sure she's going to be sending him for a chest x-ray.

I have a bag packed full of snacks and activities for a 2 and 3 year old. I have their clothes laid out. I'm feeding them a snack of apples and carrots/dip. I'll dress them right before we go. Everything is ready, now just to wait until the appointment time rolls around.

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