Thursday, April 7, 2011


Michael and Ava are starting to have actual conversations. He’ll say something to her, she’ll reply, he’ll respond, etc. They aren’t long, or complex, but there’s actual turn taking going on. I love it.

Here’s a conversation I listened to as I pushed them on the swing today. We have a tire swing that is square rather than round. They like it because they can sit on it together. (Obviously the tire isn’t real, it’s plastic but still fun.) Michael told Ava the tire was square. Ava said, “Circle.” Michael replied, “No, it’s a square.” Ava insisted, “Circle!” Michael explained, “No, it’s a square Ava! See, it has corners. And see the straight parts? It’s a square.” Without even considering his argument, Ava simply replied, “Circle.” At that point they got distracted with something else.

I loved overhearing the conversation. I also thought Michael did a pretty good job of identifying the key differences between a square and a circle. I was pretty impressed.

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