Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What did we do with a huge pile of mulch?

Our yard is a soggy mess for days after each rain. Last spring we invested in a backyard playset for the kids. We got it for a very reasonable price at Sams and built it ourselves in the only spot in the yard that was flat enough for it. It turned out that the absolute soggiest place in the entire yard, the spot that takes days and days to dry out after every rain, is directly under the swings. We put up with it for a season, but now that the kids are a little older and able to use the playset a bit more independently (yea!) I didn’t want us held back by the constant mud. (As a quick aside, last year Ava could climb up but not down. She would climb to the highest level and then wail for me to come get her. Not so much fun for Mama.)

What I would love would be to have a landscaping company come in and install a patio and a drainage system for the yard. That's just a dream though. Instead, we decided to order $100 of high quality playground mulch from a great local company that delivers for free. They dumped the pile in our driveway.

My parents came over for the evening. When we all started the project the kids were very excited. They used buckets and sand table shovels to help fill the wheelbarrow. When it was full one or the other would ride on top around the side yard and into the back to be dumped out along with the mulch. They loved it. Several times Michael took his huge Tonka dump truck and pushed it to the driveway to have Daddy or Grandpa fill it with a shovel. He’d then push it all the way back and dump it on the pile below the playset that I was raking into shape. When the kids got bored with helping, my mom took over their entertainment while my dad and husband continued to fill the wheelbarrow and push it around back to dump wherever I directed them to go next. I did all the raking.

It took about two hours of labor from three adults, but the result looks great. All of the mud from yesterday’s rain is completely covered up. And the whole project was done for a reasonable cost. I think it looks great and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I’m calling it a success.

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