Friday, April 8, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week Four

Viral Video of the Week: At least three of my "friends" posted a link to this video on facebook. There were news articles about it. I'm sure you've probably already seen it. This is a youtube video a mother posted of her 17 month old twin boys having a babbling conversation in the kitchen. Everyone loves this video. It's adorable. It makes people laugh. My reaction was different. It made me sad and jealous and I'm proud of neither emotion. It just really emphasized for me that I never had that in my household with either of my babies. They did not babble normally (ok, at all really). It wasn't until I saw this video that I realized exactly what I'd missed out on.

Sibling Moment of the Week There are so many little conversations to choose from. Yesterday we came in from playing outside and Michael told Ava, rather bossily, to take her shoes off. She said, "O-tay Mai-Mai," and proceeded to take her shoes off. It was cute.

Michael’s Surprise Accomplishment of the Week: I picked Michael up from school and gathered the art projects they were sending home. There was a page that was pretty much all orange scribbles (a map he tells me). In the upper left hand corner of the page he had written his name. It wasn't perfect, by any means. I could recognize the first two letters, and the last one, and the ones in between were just scribbles, but it was instantly recognizable. He had done it completely on his own. His teachers hadn't helped him. I haven't been working with him on writing his name. It just came out of nowhere. I was very impressed.

Ava’s Song of the Week: Ava will cradle a baby squinkie in her hand and sing Rock-A-Bye Baby to it. Well, she sings something like, "Ra a baba" over and over, but still. It's adorable.

Project of the Week: Our library system will let you log in online and place books on hold. They send you an email when the books are ready at your local branch. Then all you have to do is drive there, pick them up off the shelf, and check them out. I spent an hour choosing board books for Ava and juvenile fiction for Michael. I threw in a couple of CDs (Raffi and Tom Chapin) and DVDs (Handy Manny) for fun. Today I picked them up. New books and entertainment for free. I'm going to try to do it once a week. Kudos to our county library system.

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