Thursday, August 8, 2013

Planning to Open a New Shop - Homeschool & Teacher Resources (and a Testy Shop Coupon)

I've been creating materials like crazy around here. I made an alphabet border that features handwriting and phonics references as well as digraphs. I created a writing/handwriting journal that could easily be used with preschoolers through first or second graders. I created a homeschool plan book to use when planning lessons and to keep track of logged hours.

It occurred to me that if I put some time into taking out things like my kids' names and cleaning and organizing the resources that I could make them available to all of you as well. I've got a Classroom Alphabet Resource Kit (alphabet border, alphabet/phonics flashcards, handwriting mini-poster, word wall headers, and desk strips) almost ready to go. Look for it next week.

I'm thinking of doing either the writing journal or the homeschool plan book next. If you have a strong opinion on which you'd rather see first, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, I'll just choose one at random and get to work on it.

The shop will be opening with a single product: the Classroom Alphabet Resource Kit, and so the volume discounts I have built into my shops won't help anyone out until I get a second and third product up in running. I'll have a coupon available for August and September that offers 30% off any purchase (including purchases of a single product). It'll work in either shop. Let's call it a Back to School coupon code. BacktoSchool2013 It is valid starting now if you want to use it in the Testy Speech Resources Shop.

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  1. Hi - I am a MO homeschooler and loved the plan book you've created. I'd vote for that one to be your first project- even though it's the middle of the year. Many of us end up needing to change things up once we've figured out that the way we started the year isn't working as well as we'd hoped! :)


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