Friday, July 26, 2013

It's the small things...

I'm beginning, bit by bit, to get the schoolroom decorated. As I mentioned, we're working on handwriting and after researching I chose the Steck-Vaughn style for our print style. I loved the free printable 5x7 alphabet flashcards available on the Confessions of a Homeschooler website that can be printed and used as an alphabet border on a classroom wall. I wanted my own version for several reasons. First, I wanted the handwriting font to match. Second, I wanted the pictures on the cards to represent all of the phonemes that are represented by each letter in English because that is how the letters are being taught in our reading program. (So, for example, "a" needed an axe, acorn, and avocado.) Finally, I wanted the letter rules to have a blue skyline, and a highlighted bottom section because my littles need a little help with visually discriminating the different portion of the rules in order to properly form their letters.

So, in my usual way, I made my own. I carefully designed them so that the pages don't need to be trimmed or anything, I just needed to place the edges of each sheet together and they would look evenly spaced. I was also lucky in that the wall I wanted them on was the perfect lenth for 14 landscape pieces of paper (26 letters on 13 sheets and 6 digraphs on an additional sheet of paper). I recruited my husband to help me hang them. Of course, then we discovered that the wall space was not an evenly spaced. There were curves where there shouldn't have been, and our entire house apparently leans downward to the west. Delightful. We fudged a straight line, used the double sided tape I had bought specifically for the purpose and set to hanging. It looked beautiful. We both stepped away and gazed up in satisfaction. Then we heard the distinctive sound of tape peeling away from the wall. The double sided tape wasn't sticking. My husband crawled back up on the chair and I handed him strips of regular tape while we essentially redid the entire job. However, one week later it is still hanging and I am delighted. They suit our purpose beautifully, they cheer up the room, and Michael has spontaneously referred to the border as a resource multiple times.

Take a look:

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