Sunday, March 3, 2013

And then she was 4

Ava is now four years old. She is such an independent spirit. She prefers to do things for herself and to make her own choices. Ava likes to choose her own clothes and I let her (assuming they are clean and seasonally appropriate). If she chooses to wear the same favorite dress to school every day of the week - so be it. If the dress, leggings, socks, and shoes are all different colors and patterns- so be it. Making your own choices is awesome and she shouldn't miss out just because she's little and her fashion sense is still developing.

And yet, for all her independence, somehow that doesn't stop her from wanting to be close to people at the same time. Ava is not a loner. She wants to be near her loved ones and engaged in conversation. She doesn't hear the siren call of the computer or a game on a phone the way the rest of the family does. Ava would just as soon walk away from the electronics and engage someone in conversation, a snuggle, a tickle, or a game of chase. If I'm sitting in my rocking chair reading a book, she will snuggle in at my side just for company. If her Daddy is cooking in the kitchen she will drag a chair over to the counter and ask to help. I love that about her even while the introvert in me often wishes for a pry bar and 5 minutes of space upon occasion.

Ava and her brother are best friends. She spends time happily away from him, but when school is over or when he wakes up later than she does (always!) she is glad to see him. They play together seamlessly and effortlessly. When she is offered a treat, she asks if she can have one for Michael as well. When she's told she can have a special privilege (some extra tv or a special snack, for example) she'll call to him to make sure he doesn't miss it. If he is upset she tries to comfort him. If she cannot help him, she'll get upset too. Their play together has its own dynamic. Michael often leads the imaginary play and Ava happily follows along. She's the mouthpiece of the duo. If they want something (a real snack for their pretend picnic), Michael will send her to ask. Ava will appear at the head of the stairs bellowing a question. After being answered we hear her footsteps heading for her brother as she reports our answer.

Ava's favorite colors are pink and purple although I am beginning to see signs of her branching out a little. She loves art and is particularly content when coloring a picture with an adult happily giving instructions about which color should be used on which section next. She still loves kittens although the kittens don't have to be Hello Kitty any more. Any adorable kitten will do. She prefers to wear dresses rather than shirts and refuses to wear any pants other than leggings. She likes to turn her bed into a tent by covering the sides (she's still in a toddler bed converted from her crib) with blankets. She sleeps with stars on the ceiling and a glowing fairy on the wall and does not at all like to sleep in the dark.

Ava's showing signs of liking to perform. She'll want to show off tricks from gymnastics or the way she can use her dance streamer to make a spiral. She will definitely watch to make sure you are watching during her mini performances.

Ava is a little girl. It has been so much fun to be with her as she changes from the toddler she once was to an active, healthy, communicative preschooler. Happy fourth birthday to my big girl!


  1. She sounds like such a delight! Happy birthday Ava! If today is her birthday, that gives Ava and I something in common :)

  2. She's exactly one year younger than Little Ed (he was born on 2/29). I didn't know that! Happy birthday, Ava! So many reasons for your mommy to be proud of you!


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