Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Survey: Help me choose which sound to target in my next Therapy Kit.

I put up a new survey in the right sidebar. The flurry of activity revolving around planning Michael's 5th birthday party and then our 10 day vacation is passing. Instead of focusing on all the holiday shopping I haven't done, I'm procrastinating by beginning to plan the next premium speech kit for the shop. I probably won't get to actually work on it until the new year, but I wanted to ask you all which sound you'd find most useful: /p/, /f/, or /l/-blends? Please take the time to let me know by voting. The poll will stay open through midnight next Friday.

Speaking of the speech kits, I wanted to thank those of you who have taken the time to write to me and let me know how the kits are working for you. I read every email and comment I get and although I haven't had time to respond to each of you personally, those letters and comments are extremely important to me.

I wanted to share a couple with all of you.

"I am an SLP supervising college students in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I use the picture/word lists with our apraxic/phonologically impaired kids. We just used the /st/ words in therapy today!! I recommend your website frequently to the parents and students I work with. I LOVE your homework page where you specify watch, listen, say.! That is just awesome for parents to use!"
"I really do love your kits and have vowed to not buy anything else from a store!!! I love your tips and reminders, I love the way they are organized. I send home the sheets and my parents LOVE the little books. I originally started viewing your site as I was searching for materials for my two new students with Apraxia..this was last year. NOW two are doing fabulous! I’m very impressed with everything you do as a working mom! Know you are appreciated! "

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