Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Race to the Top Speech Game - Mixed /d/ Version

I was playing around with the Race to the Top game concept for the new /k/ therapy kit and came up with a picture version of the game. The /k/ therapy kit contains a version of this game that incorporates initial, medial, and final /k/ words.

Here is a free downloadable version of the Race to the Top game that incorporates both initial and final /d/ words. (Click to open image to full-size then right-click to save to your computer. Then print using a program of your choice.)

If you're playing with one child, use tokens or chips to cover words from the bottom up on the towers (as that tower's number is rolled on the die) until one tower reaches the top. Then the child can color that flag. Play again to see if they can color a different flag. When you run out of time, send it home so they can play at home until all the flags have been colored.

If you're playing with a group, give each child a small game piece to put at the bottom of the tower of their choice. They take turns rolling the die, moving their pieces, and practicing the words until one player reaches the top. Then you can clear the game board and play again. Happy Halloween!

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