Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Isolation "Race to the Top" Game: Simple DIY

Race to the Top Game - Simple Isolation Practice


Take a piece of paper, marker, die, and some stickers. Download and print my sample below if you happen to want to practice /t/ and /k/. (I have a child who substitutes /t/ for /k/ and so practicing those two sounds together is a great exercise.) Otherwise, use the paper and marker to make your own game sheet with whatever sounds you need to practice. Write one sound on three stickers and the other sound on three more stickers and stick onto a die. Put the die into a small container with a lid to allow kids to shake without chasing it all over the room.


Have the child shake the die. Mark whichever letter comes up after the child makes the sound. If you have a young child, have them color the letter or place a sticker on it. An older child can trace the letter. Then roll again. Whichever "tower" is completed first "wins" the game.


  • Have the child make the sound 3-5 times in succession before marking that sound off in the tower.
  • Have the child think of a word that starts with the sound.
  • Have the child think of a word that ends with the sound.
  • Provide the child with an initial or final word and have them use it in a phrase or sentence.

(Inspired by this post.)


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