Monday, September 3, 2012

Touching Lives

One of the things I treasure the most about working on this blog is reading the comments, emails, and blog posts of people who find the information and resources here helpful. Well over a year ago, I wrote an article about using communication boards with minimally verbal children - why and how. I included some pictures of the boards we used with Ava when she was still non-verbal.

Recently I came across this blog post by a mother of another young Ava with a speech delay. She had found my article on communication boards. It helped her to understand why her SLP was recommending she make some. It addressed her fears that communication boards would undermine her daughter's progress learning to talk. And she made some absolutely beautiful communication boards for her daughter that put mine to shame. If you'd like to see some great examples of personalized, homemade communication boards follow her link.

When I first started this blog it was simply about articulating some of the intense feelings I was having accepting that Ava had a significant speech delay and about documenting our journey and her progress. Then, I wanted to share some of my expertise with the other mothers that had found their way to my blog. When I started to create my own materials for working with Ava I wanted to share those too. I wanted to help the parents, teachers, and SLPs of children with speech delays. It is special when I read the evidence that lets me know I'm making a difference.

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  1. Love your blog!! I'm so happy I found it. You have been a wonderful resource for me and I look forward to reading your post everyday:)


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