Friday, September 21, 2012

The Weekly Review: Week 78

SLP Resource of the Week

Sometimes a fun game to use as a reinforcer makes all the difference with children. I found a tutorial for making an adorable bean bag toss game out of a cardboard box. The box sits on a slant and is decorated to look like a monster's mouth. A large box and a little floor space would be a great way to keep active preschoolers-early elementary kids engaged. A smaller tabletop sized version and smaller beanbags or even ping pong balls would keep older kids entertained.

Ava this Week

Ava has rediscovered a pair of Hello Kitty rain boots we had gotten in the spring. We put them away one day and promptly forgot about them until very recently. She loves them. She'll strip off her other shoes as soon as she gets home and put the rain boots on. She tromps around in the backyard in them for nearly an hour in the afternoon before deciding she's had enough and heading back inside.

Weekly Michael

My husband's parents kindly packed up all of his old Legos from when he was a kid and mailed them two us. Two big boxes arrived at our house. It was like Christmas morning. The children dumped them out all over the living room floor to dig around in them and find treasures.
Michael was beyond delighted when he discovered a working lego motor. Who knew there were such things? His dad hooked him up with the motor, the wires, and the batteries and then we left him completely on his own while we started dinner. 10 minutes later he had built this:
I forget what he called his creation, but it involved a spinning gear and functional light.

And then they started in on the lego train tracks.
It was wonderful. My husband told me that he had fond memories of playing with these same legos at his late grandmother's house. He felt like he could feel her presence in the room and it made him happy.

Weekly Weight Loss

This week I'm down 3.2 pounds. Low-carb appears to work very well for me. I'm sure walking 9 or so miles a week taking the children to and from school doesn't hurt either.

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