Thursday, September 20, 2012

Searching "Phonics" to Find Free Printables for Speech

On a whim I decided to search online for phonics digraphs to see what free resources might be floating around out there that we could easily adapt for speech work on /sh/, /th/, and /ch/. I found a few sources with some really attractive free printables that would work very well during speech therapy.

  1. KizPhonicshas at least one worksheet per initial consonant including lots of blends and digraphs. Most of the free printable worksheets have at least 6 pictures of words matching the target phoneme.
  2. SparkleBox
  3. has a lovely set of phonics resources. There are often six activities per initial phoneme including bingo, "my book", a phonics train, word worksheets, playdough mats, and flashcards.

  4. Free Phonics Worksheets has worksheets available for a wide variety of sounds, but they are black and white and mostly text based. Therefore they would be suitable for working with older, but not younger students.
  5. File Folder Fun has a Rain Showers File Folder game that focuses on the /sh/ and /ch/ consonant digraphs.

That's my list. I'm particularly excited to spend more time looking at the SparkleBox games/activities. If you guys know of any more please point us towards them in the comments.

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  1. Wonderful WONDERFUL resources!!!! I must share on my FB page! You are awesome! Thanks SO much for searching and sharing! Well done!


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