Monday, September 24, 2012

Speech Card Set Activity: Simple Treasure Hunt

Let's say you forgot to prepare a clever masterpiece of an activity to fancy up your articulation therapy sessions and need something you can prepare in about 60 seconds. (Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything here.) Grab one of my free articulation card sets, some stickers, a small toy to use as a game token, and a die.

Lay the cards out in a long winding path (match the length of the path to the attention span of the children you are working with). Hide the stickers under the last card and place the game token on the first card. Tell the children they are going on a "Treasure Hunt". Have them take turns rolling the die and moving the token that number of cards. The children must say the words on the card or they cannot move the token. When the token reaches the last card they find the treasure and you can give each child a sticker.

Set up multiple paths in straight lines and give each child their own token. Make it a race and whoever reaches the finish line first gets a prize.

Instead of stickers, place a small treat like a m&m or a fruit loop on top of the final card (works well with younger children who need a bit more bribery).

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