Sunday, September 23, 2012


My daughter has reached the age where she feels it is critically important to correct me all the time. Let's take some recent examples.

Me: Ava is three years old.
Ava: You mean three and a half, Mama.

Me: Let's put on your shorts.
Ava: You mean skirt, Mama.

Me: That's a lovely path you colored.
Ava: You mean arrow path, Mama.

My husband was taking a home video of Ava. They were discussing some coloring she had done in her coloring book. At one point, he corrected something she had said. She looked up from her coloring book and gave him a top class evil eye. "Turnaround is such fun," I thought when he showed me the video.

I'm so glad he caught that on tape. When's she's giving us the well-practiced version of that look at 16 I'll be able to refer to how she was practicing it at three. And I'll be able to pull out the video to prove it.

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  1. Haha. Nice! My husband speaks English as a second language, so I'm constantly correcting his language (not that he does a bad job, but he claims if I don't correct him, he'll always sound foreign). I know this habit is going to spread to constantly correcting my children and they'll fight back by correcting me whenever possible...aka, this will be a scene from my future...

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