Friday, June 29, 2012

The Weekly Review: Week 67

SLP Idea of the Week

There's a really great graphic for voice levels here. It's designed for teachers, but easily could be modified for voice therapy.

Blog Post of the Week

Just some a light fun post over at Swistle.

Ava this Week

Oh, Ava is letting me do her hair and I'm having a blast. She's been letting me pull it back in an elastic for a while, but now I can use a comb to part the hair and she'll tolerate some tugging and so I get to try things like this:

Weekly Michael

Oh my. New stages of development are always... fun extremely annoying interesting. Michael has always been really respectful of random things left around. I didn't need to go crazy putting things like scissors, paint, or personal belongings out of reach because he automatically respected the rule that "grown-up things" were not for kids. Now he's getting into everything. I don't think he's doing it maliciously. I think he's off working on some project making a creation out of a variety of recycled materials and thinks to himself I need "x". Fill in the blank with any number of items he isn't supposed to be using. Then he goes off and takes "x" and proceeds to break it or make a mess with it. I am trying to be patient and understanding and not crush his amazing creativity but it is driving me crazy. It's like I need to baby proof my house for my 4 year old.

Art Projects of the Week

Ava - with beans - tree, night sky

Michael - colored sand and glue - beach with shells, water, boat, sun

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