Saturday, June 25, 2011

Initial P: Free Speech Therapy Articulation Picture Cards

The Initial /p/ set is finished and it is a significant upgrade over the previous sets (I will be updating those to the new format soon.) Here are the features of the new card sets. For those of you who read this blog regularly, I apologize in advance for the fact that this introductory section will be exactly the same for each new set posted. It is the only way to be sure that someone who finds this website by searching for a specific set gets the full set of information. In the future feel free to skip down to the actual pictures and skip the introduction.


These articulation picture card sets are designed to be more comprehensive than the typical sets you might find elsewhere. The target audience for these sets are young children or children with more severe speech delays that need intensive practice with sounds at a one-syllable level or simple two-syllable level. No blends or vocalic /r/ sounds are included in these sets.

Key Features

  • Initial and Final sets include 30 one-syllable words that begin or end with the target sound.
  • The words are simple and are easily understood by or easily taught to young children.
  • Combines the target sound with all possible vowel sounds at least once.
  • Words are sorted by difficulty level for an easy progression from easy to hard.
  • Describes the progression from most intense prompts to least intense.
  • Provides a simple carrier phrase for every word.
  • A gestural prompt for the target sound is explained.
  • A list of therapy activities is included.
  • Includes 30 therapy cards with the target word and a picture on the front,
    and the difficulty level and the carrier phrase printed on the back.


I give permission to copy, print, or distribute these card sets provided that:
  1. Each copy makes clear that I am the document's author.
  2. No copies are altered without my express consent.
  3. No one makes a profit from these copies.
  4. Electronic copies contain a live link back to my original and print copies not for merely personal use contain the URL of my original.

Looking for Feedback

I would love to hear back from anyone who uses the word sets. Let me know if there is anything you would change.

Where can I find more?

More sets are on my Free Speech Therapy Articulation Cards page.

Card Sets

To download click on the image to open it full size. Then right click on the image, choose "save as" and save the page to your computer.

Instructions for printing and using the cards are included in the set.


  1. These look SO great!!! Can't wait to use them on Noah, age 5, DS and apraxia recently diagnosed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is absolutely fabulous. I think it is really wonderful of you to share this with other SLP's. So many people out there trying to make money, when it should be about sharing and spreasding knowledge to promote growth and progress in our children. They are our future. Unfortunately I am not as creative as you , otherwise I would definately share with my fellow SLPs!

  3. these are amazing thank you for sharing my 32 month old has moderate apraxia and I am worried about him continuing to qualify for services, at least have tools now so i know i can work with him on my own while we sort out all the logistics!!

    1. Good luck with your son. I know the transition from early intervention is stressful!

  4. These cards are easy to interpret and identify. An excellent resource for many therapy uses.

  5. Thank you all for the positive feedback. I am grateful that fellow parents and fellow therapists are finding the resources to be useful. I put a lot of time into the cardsets and I want to see them used.

  6. Thank you! As an SLP, I think what you have created and are willing to share is so great!

  7. Hi, I recently purchased your vowel set, and it is so helpful! My son enjoys the pictures. I'd love to try this 'P' set, but I can't figure out how to print the picture files (png files). I saved them to my computer, but when I send them to the printer they are gigantic (only two squares fit on the page) and oriented the wrong way.

    1. Try clicking the "fit to page" option on your printer settings? Alternately, import the PNG into something like Microsoft Word, size it to fit the page, and then print from word?

      I'm so glad you're enjoying the Vowels Kit!

  8. I am a great grandmother trying to help my 10 year old g-grand daughter. She has arthogroposis and has trouble with p's, w's and b's. I am new to this and this program looks good. She is in regular school, but has trouble keping up.

  9. Do you have a list of all of the gesture prompts for sounds. My daughter's first grade teacher used these prompts to teach the class the sounds of letters. It helps so much to add some kinesthetics into the lesson. I'd love to be able to teach my granddaughter this way!!!
    I love all of your ideas...I can tell you are a super teacher.

  10. My son isn't taking at all can i use this with him he is almost 2 in may. He is getting speech therapy now. I would like to work with him at home

  11. great work :)
    thank you

  12. thank you. very helpful. my son recives speech therapy services at school, but this is a great resource I can help him practice at home also.


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