Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Speech Articulation (or Phonics) Game: Speech Tiles

If you have a piece of chalk and a laminate floor you can play this quick and easy speech game.

I have laminate floor tiles in my kitchen/dining room area. I know many schools also have tiles in their classrooms or hallways. Take a piece of chalk and draw letters scattered about on the floor tiles (test in an out of the way spot just to make sure it will wipe clean). If you're doing the game for phonics practice, use all 26 letters of the alphabet. If you're doing the game for speech practice, put your target sounds and a couple of easy extras in.

I was playing with two children, so I put two each of /k, s, f, and v/ (my target sounds) and I threw in /p and b/ just to fill out the floor and put in something fun and easy. I lined both kids up against the wall and then called out, "Stand by a /k/!" Both kids ran over to a /k/. I then asked each child to say, "/key, K, koi, coo/. Then I called out a new letter. They scramble to stand next to the new letter. This time I had them each say four VC syllables. Then another letter and another letter. In about 5 minutes, you can easily get 50 productions per child. Then I handed them each a washcloth. This time, after they said their syllables they got to wash away the letter. They loved it! We continued until all the letters had been erased and that was the end of the game. (This game can just as easily be used with sounds in isolation.)

(Inspiration for this activity here.)

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