Friday, March 30, 2012

The Weekly Review: Week 54

Crafty SLP Idea of the Week

Katie at The Red Kitchen made 26 beanbags out of old t-shirts (one for each letter of the alphabet). She stitched the capital letter on the front of each beanbag and the matching lowercase letter on the back. They are adorable and you should definitely follow the link to her tutorial if you're interested.

If you made some for the consonant sounds you could play a ton of games with them. Kids could toss them back and forth and say the sound each time they catch the bag. They could toss them in a bucket or through a hoop. They could play hot potato with them. You could use them for practicing the sounds in isolation, or have older kids think of a word that contains the sound.

Ava this Week

Ava's been bitten by the I'll-do-it-myself bug. Every time I try to help her with something only to have her firmly and often rudely reject my assistance, I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that this is a good thing. She's becoming more independent. Letting her do things herself improves her self-help skills. It would all be easier if she said it sweetly, with a pleasant smile and managed to do it just as quickly as if I were helping. Is that too much to ask?

Weekly Michael

The littles were playing in the backyard together by themselves (oh, the joy) the other day. The back door opened with a boom and Michael came running inside looking for me with quite the sense of urgency. I mentally prepared myself for some kind of minor disaster. Instead, he just had a question. "Mama, is sod a word?"

We've been having fun with rhyming and playing games with word endings, so we have been having lots of discussions of what is and what is not a word. So I wasn't completely surprised by the question. I told him "yes" and launched into a somewhat long-winded discussion of what sod is. As soon as I finished, he rushed back outside shouting to his sister, "Sod is a word, but it doesn't mean jump!"

I was left wondering what exactly their discussion had been about before Michael came in to request my expert opinion.

Ava's and Michael's Weekly Home Therapy Notes

The children have enjoyed the change of pace provided by the magnet cards and switcheroo game, and we met my goal of slowing down to focus on quality over quantity. I think next week we'll go back to drill fueled by bribery though and focus on some intense practice again.

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