Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Speech Card Set Activity: Magnetic Speech Cards

As the next installment in my quest to slow the kids down so I can focus on quality s-blend productions I decided to make some of our /s/ blend cards into magnetic cards.

It took me a good half hour to get the magnetic speech cards ready. I printed two copies of my chosen card set and put purple dot stickers on one set and green dot stickers on the other set. I had 22 cards total. Then I cut 22 rectangles out of a cardboard box. The rectangles were slightly bigger than the speech cards. I taped two jumbo paper clips onto each piece of cardboard and then taped the speech cards over the paper clips. Voila. Now I had a speech card set that would attract to magnetic wands. (You could get the same effect by just putting staples or paperclips onto the plain cards, but they wouldn't be as durable.) This is my set when I was finished.

I played several games with the kids. First I just put all the cards face down in a pile and mixed them up. I told Michael that the green ones were his and Ava that the purple ones were hers. They fished one out of the pile with their magnet wand and said the word for me. They got to keep the card if it was their color and had to put it back in the pile if it was not their color. They continued to take turns until all the cards had been distributed. This worked really well. The kids liked playing with their cards while the other child took their turn. Michael lined all of his up in a row to display them with pride.

Next we played a memory game with the cards. The kids liked the novelty of playing memory with magnetic cards and so they were very engaged.

As one last game we piled all the cards in the middle again. They took turns trying to fish out as many cards as possible at one time with their wand. Michael managed to get six at once on one of his tries. They would then pull them off, count them, and say each word they had "caught".

One activity we didn't get to, but I intend to try soon is to bury the cards in a bin filled with rice, beans, or dried pasta and then try to fish them out using the magnetic wands. I think they'll really enjoy that one too.

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  1. As you know as an SLP that we are always looking for new ideas to make practice enjoyable and fun while you accomplish your goals. Also in the system where I work funds are slim to none for materials so finding a great site likes yours is very helpful. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your ideas and printable materials. Sandi in North Carolina

  2. I absolutely love this idea. Such a great way to use materials I already have. Thanks for sharing!


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