Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rory's Story Cubes - Action Version: A Mini-Review

Last year I did a review of Rory's Story Cubes. It is a simple, yet amazing game that consists of nine dice. Each die has a different picture on each side. Most of the pictures are of things (lock, phone, flower, castle, apple, etc.). You take turns rolling the die and making up a story. I think the game is wonderful. It is small and compact. It is great for either speech or language therapy. It is very reasonably priced on Amazon.

I recently discovered that there is a new Rory's Story Cubes game - the Action Edition. The game is still nine dice. There is still a different picture on each side of each die. This time the pictures depict actions (build, play, kick, jump, read, dig, etc.). Combine these die with the original set and your stories become even more complex. Again, it is a small, compact, reasonably priced therapy tool to address either speech or language goals.


  1. I have met quite a few SLPs who use iPads and StoryCubes is available for the iPad. It's very cool being able to walk into a classroom carrying 'just' an iPad that is FULL of games and resources!

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