Friday, January 6, 2012

The Weekly Review: Week 42

Blog Post of the Week

There's conversation points - "Oh, I got my haircut today."
There's news - "Our son brought home his first ever report card today."
There's big news - "We're getting married."
Then there's really, really big news - "By the way dear, I'm carrying triplets."
Check out this blog post. Surrogacy, in my opinion, is a beautiful, generous gift. My congratulations and best wishes go out to Jen, her family, and the family she is helping.

Weekly IEP Preparation

1. Think about what I want to advocate for.
2. Do appropriate preparation by setting up appointment to do a classroom visit in our school's special education preschool room.
3. Have all previous preparation rendered insignificant by call to set up IEP meeting in an entirely different district than expected (don't ask - it is complicated).
4. Review new potential placement options. Discuss pros and cons of new placement options with family members and friends. Reassess what I want to advocate for.
5. Set up IEP meeting for next week.

Ava and Michael this Week

Ava loves to mimic her brother right now. Here are a few examples.

Michael: I like orange.
Ava: And I like orange.

Michael: I like candy.
Ava: And I like candy.

Michael: My favorite animal is a kitty.
Ava: And my favorite animal is a kitty.

A few days ago I told Michael that the TV show I had just started was going to be the last one. These were the comments that followed:

Michael: I'm not happy with you! (accompanied by a stomp of the foot)
Ava: And I'm not happy... Oh, I am happy!

Ava's Weekly Home Therapy Focus

This week we've been continuing to work on initial and final /k/ at the single word level. Ava has learned her cards well enough that I can simply provide a carrier phrase and she fills in the blank. For example, I say, "When you go to school you put on your _______." and she fills in "pack." She's at about 80% accuracy on a good night.

We're also working with initial and final /s, sh, and f/. I've already put up our initial and final /sh/ card sets and I'm working on /s/ and /f/ card sets now. Every few days I pull out a card set like the /p/ simple sentence/phrase set and focus on final consonants in short phrases and sentences as well.

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