Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Wayward Defender

I've been squeezing therapy with Ava in after her nap. She tends to wake up before her brother, so the time works fairly well. Yesterday, Michael woke up and came downstairs in the middle of our session and hung out nearby eavesdropping.

I have been working to get Ava to add in the "easy" final consonants (for Ava, /p, t/) at the end of the first word in a two word sequence or at the end of the second word in a three word sequence. So, we said, "wipe". Then, "wipe, wipe". Then, "wipe, wipe, wipe". That was fairly easy. So then we said, "Mama wipe". Also fairly easy. As soon as we add, "Mama wipe eye(s)" we lose the final /p/ sound in wipe. I was trying to get it back using visual, tactile, and gestural cues and she and I had gone back and forth several times.

Then, from behind me Michael piped up, "Mama! She SAID that!"

I love that his instinct is to defend his sister, but his timing wasn't the best. On the other hand, I did take a moment to explain to him what I was looking for demonstrating the difference and when I turned back to ask Ava to try one more time, she got it. Not a bad way to wrap the session up.

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