Thursday, September 22, 2011

Speech Sample - Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech - 22 months

This is an audio clip from a video we took on 1-15-2011. Ava is 22 months old. At this point she had been evaluated by early intervention and had begun seeing a private SLP twice a week for 30 minutes. I was not yet working with her in any structured way and we had not begun receiving services from early intervention yet.

Ava was laying on a blanket and I put my head beside her. She was quite offended that I was trying to share her blanket and was trying to persuade me to move off. She keeps pointing to a spot off of the blanket and telling me to move "there" while I keep pointing to a spot on the blanket and insisting that I stay. After quite a bit of back and forth I tell her I'll get off if she says "please" (we had taught her the sign for please and I'm actually asking her to use the sign). She uses the sign and I move.

During this interaction I am focusing on getting as many conversational turns in as possible without frustrating her. I've made the situation into a game where she is vocalizing over and over for me. In this one minute interaction I get 10 utterances and a sign. There -may- have even been one two-word utterance of "No, there!", but I can't swear that she really intended two words of if her Daddy and I were reading too much into that one.

As you can see she had made significant progress in a month. In the first video and audio sample Ava was mostly saying "there" over and over. In this audio clip you hear "there"(deh) "no"(oh) "yeah"(eh-uh) and "uh-oh". That's three vowels and one consonant. Still, it is four distinct utterances.

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