Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Speech Sample - Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech - 21 months

I decided to go back into the family video archive and try to pull some audio files that are representative of Ava's speech at different points in time. I've already posted something recent and a video from November of 2010 when Ava was 21 months old.

Here's something from about three weeks later (12-19-2010). Ava has found something interesting on the floor. It looks like a sticker of an eye that has fallen off of something and she is pointing to it and "talking" to her Daddy about it.

This was taken about two weeks before she was evaluated by early intervention, about four weeks before a private SLP and I began speech therapy, and about six weeks before she began receiving speech services through early intervention.

It was however, after I had accepted that there was a significant delay and that I needed to schedule evaluations. I began to consciously try to encourage more vocalizations and one method of doing that is to "echo" back what you hear from your child. You hear my husband doing that with Ava during this clip.

Keep in mind that she is almost two years old here.

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