Thursday, August 4, 2011

Parenting Slump

I've been in a parenting slump for the past couple of weeks. Don't misunderstand me. My children are loved. They have food to eat, clean clothes and bodies, a roof over their heads, and toys to play with. They get tickled and listen to stories and songs before nap and bedtime. We've been on family outings recently and we have two new kittens that are a joy to have around.

And yet I just haven't been myself. I've been tired and cranky. I'm depending on television a little more than I'd like and I'm more disengaged than usual. I'm letting perfectly normal child behavior irritate me disproportionately. I am building fewer "special activities" (art project, silly dances, special games that are usually put away) into our days at home.

I am aware of the shift and I know that I want to make a change, but I haven't quite figured out how to yet. I'm not sure what the underlying problem is. It could simply be fatigue. I adore the kittens, but they do cause interrupted sleep on a nightly basis. I can start by trying to get more sleep, eat better and perhaps add in a little exercise. Those things certainly can't hurt. Maybe we just need a change in routine. Shift our daily activities around and try to plan some fun things during the day. The busier we are with some fun activities we all enjoy, the less time that is left over for irritating each other.

If anyone has some suggestions for some fun indoor activities (it is just too hot outside for much outside time), please share some ideas.



  1. Hi Dala,

    I can totally relate to parenting slumps. Long, hot days can be challenging! We've been enjoying small "cooking" projects. Our favourite project lately has been popsicles. We bought some interesting robot and rocket ship moulds and use unsweetened juice and add small fruit bits (whole blueberries, cut-up strawberries). Sometimes we even layer the popsicles by freezing a layer at a time. It helps break up the day with manageable mini-tasks and then we have a great treat for after dinner!

    Good luck!! I'll let you know if I think of anything more brilliant!


  2. Megan,

    You know we actually have some popsicle molds I bought ages ago. At that time, it turned out no one was interested so I put them away. I should pull them back out and try them again. Thanks for the suggestion!



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