Friday, June 17, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week Fourteen

Best Blog Posts of the Week

  • Linda at All and Sundry writes an online column at CafeMom. She wrote an incredibly brave and honest post that is definitely worth reading.
  • To continue with the more serious theme of the best blog posts of the week, Rob Rummel-Hudson at Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords wrote a post this week about an outing his family had at the pool, the connection his daughter made with another child, and the feelings and observations he and his wife made during the experience.
  • To finish with something lighter, at the end of this post, Swistle links to a site where people are posting really cool pictures. They take a picture from their past and go to that same location. Then they line the old picture up with the real life background and take a picture of the picture and write a caption. Hmm. That description doesn't make much sense, but the pictures are really touching somehow and you should definitely check out the site. It is Dear Photograph.

The Weekly Michael

    "I'm going to get you with my slapula!" - Several hours earlier I had taken the toy spatula from the kids' play kitchen and was poking Ava with it making her laugh. Apparently Michael was unfamilar with the word spatula and given the context, interpreted the name of the device as Slap - u - la. My husband's parents were in town at the time and we all laughed long and hard. We made jokes about it for the rest of the visit.
  • "Mama, are you making a baby?" - Wow, that one came as a complete surprise out of nowhere right before bed a few nights ago. Last week, Michael and I had a brief conversation about how you can't buy a baby at the store because mommies have to make babies in their tummies. In response to his question, I told him that, "No, Mama is not making a baby right now. Mama is probably done making babies. I have a Michael and an Ava and that is enough babies for Mama." At that point he promptly began begging, "Please Mama! Please make a baby." Ava jumped right on the bandwagon also chanting, "Please Mama, please!" Don't think I didn't hear my husband laughing as he eavesdropped from the other room.

The Weekly Ava

Ava is counting everything. She'll just randomly burst into sequences of numbers. They tend to go something like this: "one, two, three, five, seven, eight!" Eight seems to be her favorite ending number. So, we'll be climbing the stairs, or I'll be putting grapes on her plate, or there will be five (eight according to Ava) frogs in a book and the counting will begin. It's adorable. The teacher in me wants to correct the counting, but the Mama in me just smiles in adoration.

Project of the Week (or month, or year):

The card sets are definitely the obsession of the week. I do not use the word obsession lightly. I have been pretty much been spending every spare minute on them. I'm pretty sure that I will not be able to maintain this level of intensity for long, but I'm hoping to do about one new card set a week indefinitely. Let's do the math. There are 24 consonant sounds and theoretically I'd like to do an initial, medial, and final card set for each one where appropriate. (Not all of the consonant sounds appear in every word position so there will not be three for every one of those 24 consonant sounds). That's approximately 65 card sets. Hmm. Over a year's worth at one per week. We'll see.

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