Friday, June 24, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week Fifteen

Best Blog Posts of the Week

  • Linda at All and Sundry makes the list again because she's just so funny. Seriously, given the following quote, how can you skip this post?
    Before beginning to work from home, she thought perhaps... "while I periodically take a break to wave at my cherubic children, who have naturally occupied themselves with some peaceful and industrious activity such as polishing the stainless steel appliances while independently serving their developmental needs, Montessori-style."
  • Amy at Amalah wrote a post to tempt fate about her new baby and sleep. The pictures are a nice bonus.

Website Resource of the Week:

Ok, you're probably only going to think this is the "coolest thing ever" if you're a Speech-Language Pathologist and a particularly geeky one at that. Learning Fundamentals is a company that makes software for SLPs (apparently, I haven't actually checked out any of their software). On their website they have a tool that lets you specify exactly what types of sounds you want in what order and then it spits out a list of words that meet your criteria. Very, very cool.

The Weekly Michael

Michael is all of a sudden extremely interested in spelling words. He'll sit at the computer and ask for help spelling random words. If I help him sound out the word he can pretty much spell it himself. He'll even make editorial decisions. For example, he decided that "mommy" needed to be spelled "momme" because that just made more sense. He made the same decision for "dadde" We've also spelled Michael and Ava. He made the observation that his name is bigger. I believe cat, dog, and monster were also spelled. It's fun watching him explore writing. Well, typing. He loves typing things out but isn't the slightest bit interested in writing on paper.

The Weekly Ava

Last night as I was putting Ava to bed we got into a tickling game. Then she stopped me by saying, "Be careful Mama! No want to make hole in Ava!" I understood every word. I wonder, if I had an audiotape and played it for someone else if they would have understood it. Not that it matters if someone else would understand. I knew exactly what she was saying and it was wonderful.

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