Friday, May 20, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week Ten

Funny Blog Post I completely agree with:

Kristen at Motherhood Uncensored wrote a hilarious post about her philosophy of motherhood. Check it out first for the humor and second for the nuggets of wisdom hidden within.

Blog Post that made me want to give the author a big hug

Mona at kirida dot com recently wrote a post about her pediatrician recommending that she have her son evaluated for autism. It was a touching post. I thought she did an amazing job of expressing the awfulness of having to wait to be evaluated for a diagnosis.

In August 2010, Mona wrote a post about her son's speech and her feelings of protectiveness that really resonated with me. I think I found it so meaningful because I was already ignoring so many red flags about Ava. This post perfectly expresses so many of my own feelings about Ava. Then, and now, it helps me feel less alone.

Website Resource of the Week:

Therapy Fun Zone is a website full of great OT and PT activities. Even if your child doesn't need PT or OT help, the activities are still a lot of fun. I'm going to start with this one as soon as I get to the store for gumdrops and toothpicks. Fair warning though: the website is incredibly slow and each page takes several seconds to load. I feel like I'm on a modem. Second, the pages are poorly designed and an email signup form shows up at the top of each page so you have to scroll down to see the actual article. The activity ideas (complete with pictures) are worth putting up with the technical issues though.

Sibling Moment of the Week:

The children have large stuffed armchairs. Their game of the week (intended to give me a heart attack) is to tip an armchair on its side, climb on top together, and then slowly shift their balance so the whole thing tips over tumbling them onto the floor in a heap. Laughter from the two of them fills the air and they work together to tip the armchair back over again so they can start over.

Quote of the Week from Michael:

Michael has coined the phrase, "Visitor Day" for the day of the week that we usually have friends come over to play. He'll say, "Is tomorrow visitor day Mama?"

Ava's Quote of the Week:

"Come sit with me, Mama!"

Project of the Week:

I was happy to get my three part series on Apraxia Therapy Principles finished and posted.

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