Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Perspective (On NutriiVeda) Is Always Valuable

We've been trying NutriiVeda with Ava. I'm frustrated by the lack of anything other than anecdotal evidence of improvements, but given that lots of parents are seeing improvements with their children I had to try it. Tentatively, I feel like we've seen an increase in the amount of speech from Ava, and in the length of her sentences since we started using NutriiVeda about six weeks ago.

However, NutriiVeda is expensive and there is no scientific evidence. I came across a well written post on the blog of another mother with a daughter who has Childhood Apraxia of Speech. She tried NutriiVeda with her daughter for three months and did not feel like she saw significant improvements. She saw no regression when she stopped using the product. Check out her post on NutriiVeda. If you're thinking about trying NutriiVeda, you should read the opinions of people who tried it and didn't like it in addition to the posts of all the parents who love it.

While on the topic of the Apraxia Adventures blog, I really identified with her post on her son learning to kiss as well. I am way too familiar with that bittersweet feeling of being happy and sad (jealous!) at the same time.

Since both of my children have oral apraxia, I feel it when I see another woman's baby look at me and smile - so easily and naturally. I enjoy the smile. I enjoy the sweetness of it. And then I wish I had been able to experience that with my children. I wish it had been natural and easy. Or recently, I watched a video of a toddler Ava's age being interviewed by her mother about things like her favorite toy, food, game, etc. The video was adorable as was the toddler. Her speech was so clear. The sentences were so long. I want that ease for Ava. Will I always see other children through the lens of what I want for Ava?

Bah! Enough of this self-pity and sadness. Overall things are good. Improvements abound. I refuse to dwell overly long on depressing thoughts. I'll just share them briefly and then move on.


  1. I just came across your blog. Thanks for the compliment on my post. Do you mind if I link to you on my site?

  2. Welcome Laura! I enjoyed finding your site and reading your thoughts on NutriiVeda. Of course I don't mind if you link. :-)

  3. We too use Nutriiveda, with continued improvements..also I hope the day comes that I don't secretly resent "typical" speech from kids even younger than my can't help but hurt a little..I guess it is that fact that I so want that for her too..We are getting there tho..steady progress.. can't be too sad about that!

  4. I always try to focus on the steady progress too Izzy. I know we're lucky to have the progress. Some children don't.

    How long have you been using NutriiVeda with your daughter? How do you feel it has improved things? (If you don't mind my asking.)

  5. Thank you for posting that new blog - fantastic! I can relate so much to her story. The hard thing with all of this is the constant daily struggle for wanting our children to not have to struggle. Seeing my little man smush his lips together and try so hard to form his mouth into a shape to make a sound is not only painful for him, but it's painful for me to watch. The other day in a store a mother commented on how well my little man sat in his stroller and was quiet as I shopped, I exchanged pleasantries with her and found out that her son was a good 8 months younger than mine and was using full sentences...I didn't have the heart to tell her that I would welcome the unruly child just to hear my 27 month old call me "Momma.". My point, it's ok for us to be sad for our kids, but not let it get in the way - to give us strength to support and help them. :)

  6. Beautifully put Gentle Blue! "the constant daily struggle for wanting our children to not have to struggle" That's exactly what I feel.

    And isn't it strange when someone is genuinely trying to give you a compliment that is meant to make you feel good (how good your little boy was at the store), and yet the "compliment" has the complete opposite effect?

  7. Hi Dala..We have been using it since this last Feb. Though it took a while to get more than a scoop a day in, but even at that amt there were improvements the first week.She began putting more words and approximations together from 3 to 5 and 6..and more at times. also it just had a new"layer" meaning she started being descriptive and sharing what she was thinking without being asked..also like commenting on things we passed while driving..I know she was just as aware of these things before but seemed like she had more instinctive need to she had always been doing that:) Also her handwriting and gross motor have improved.She went from barely being able to trace to tracing her whole name in 2 months time. I understand she could be also having a surge in skills naturally..but we have never had the "explosions" others have talked about in the has been a slow process up until recently.We did get more improvements with attention for sure once we went GF and started the omegas. Wow..this is quite a journey seeing what combos work with our kids!!I have tons more to talk about but I'll start here:)

  8. So you've been using NutriiVeda for several months now izzy and you're happy with it. It is interesting that you notice similar kinds of improvements. It sounds like you noticed her talking more often and with longer utterances. You also noticed that she seemed to be trying to express more complex concepts. That's pretty much what we've noticed with Ava too.

    Thanks for sharing izzy!


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