Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mini Review - First Hundred Words

This is a mini-review of First Hundred Words. Each time we see Ms. J (not including our initial visit), she sends something home with us to work on. The first time she sent home the book First Hundred Words with the instruction to use it to work on two word phrases.

This book isn’t simply a picture book like so many vocabulary oriented books. It is actually similar in concept to the Big Book of Exclamations. It consists of a series of two page spreads that feature a family in scenes that would be familiar to a young child. I’ve returned the book to Ms. J, so unfortunately this will only be a mini-review.

From what I can remember the picture spreads include a waking up scene, breakfast scene, bath scene, park scene, and bedtime scene just like the Exclamations book, but this book is longer and includes several other scenes as well. Because I don’t actually have the book any more I can’t tell you all of them, but one was a swimming pool scene and another was a drying off/getting dressed after the pool scene. These picture scenes are an entirely different illustration style from the Exclamations book, but I like them and there are so many details to find and discuss. This book is also much more reasonably priced than the exclamations book and is available in paperback which is a little easier to handle. I would definitely recommend it.

Here is a link to an article called Babies, Books and Speech Development. This is an article that reviews the Big Book of Exclamations and also gives some nice specific tips for using books to help encourage speech development. The article is definitely worth reading.

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