Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Therapy Resources – The /b/ list

My goal here was to collect a list of simple words and images that start with /b/. I needed them to be familiar to a young child. I wanted to have at least one word/image for each vowel sound. Some of vowels have several /b/ words because I was able to think of more of them. If your child can produce the whole word, great! Go for it. However it is perfectly fine if all they can produce is the /b/ followed by the vowel. For example if all they say for bottle is /ba/, that’s great. If they can say /ba ba/ that’s one step more complex. If they can say /ba ba/ three times in a row that’s even more practice. You will probably find that your child can make some of the /b/-vowel combinations more easily than others. That’s typical too. Don’t push too hard. It’s your SLP’s job to work on new things. You can just use these to practice things that your child already can do. The nice thing about this word set is that you know it combines /b/ at least once with each vowel.

This, of course, depends on the age and attention span of your child. At the simplest level you can simply hold up each card and ask your child to imitate the word (or simplified version of the word). I’ll admit, bribery here can be useful (stickers, stamps, cheerios). You could also print out two sets and play a matching game with a few pairs at a time.

For an older child you could make a game board with the images and use simple game pieces and a die or spinner. If you had two sets you could play a card game similar to old maid or uno where each player is dealt some cards and tries to get matches by asking the other player for cards. If you have any other ideas, please contribute them in the comments or send me an email and I’ll include them here as well.

Tip: Print them and then “laminate” them by putting them between two sheets of clear contact paper. They’ll last much longer that way.

I’ll admit it. I’m new to this blogging thing and I can’t figure out how to give you guys a link so that you can just download a nice quality version of these. The best I could do is the pictures. If you’d like me to send you a pdf, just send me an email and ask for the /b/ pictures. I’ll send them right along.
I found all the images via google image and tried to avoid the ones with watermarks. If any of you have suggestions for additional words to add to this list please let me know and I’ll put them in. I hope some of you find these to be helpful.

  1. bug
  2. bus
  3. bun
  4. ball
  5. bottle
  6. box
  7. baby
  8. bed
  9. bell
  10. bin
  11. bit
  12. bib
  13. baa
  14. bag
  15. bath
  16. bat
  17. bam
  18. bead
  19. bee
  20. beam
  21. bean
  22. beep
  23. boo boo
  24. boot
  25. badge
  26. book
  27. bull
  28. bush
  29. boy
  30. brown (say /bow/ like bow before a queen)
  31. bow (say /bow/ like a bow in your hair)
  32. bowl
  33. bone
  34. boat
  35. bye, bye
  36. bike
  37. bite
  38. bake

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